Solas: Luminis Mortuorum

2 Session Notes

Two sessions worth

Orc fight at the Haalstead
Clay God Minions in SciFi hall

Adherent has come, the sequence begins again; 
stewarts have been called; 
do you walk the path of Macala?
The adherent has accepted the task, the sequence begins anew.
Half-Orc, Human, & Fire Elemental Kin

Black Claw Clan (one of 6 major clans of mire – Obsidian Beasts)
9 orcs + half orc leader killed in the woods
with military equipment

Boar fight / breakfast
-Militia, some items may have been provisioned
-Churches, go to high churches or bard college
-Sell some stuff
-Tuath Leon – Priestess of Nevverrin
—Check on Thrash & Nealzroost
—Emissary Eduardo


SpicyIrish Kanark

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